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In Cambodia there are not less than 50 websites that are available for looking for jobs. Some are popular, and we are one of the best places that provides very popular and useful information to offer job announcement to the users both local people and foreigners. Users can seek good jobs in Cambodia by online resources without spending much time finding positions from hard sources, newspaper, and magazines.
Cambodia might be the best country to work due to favorable environment, and working regulation is very tolerant to foreigners comparing to other countries. Foreigners can easily find jobs in Cambodia to do if they can speak English. Jobs in Cambodia could be very competitive to foreigners as well because there are so many foreigners applying for the jobs.
Work permit requirements
In general, for foreigners who want to legally work and stay in Cambodia, they are required to obtain the following documents
- A valid passport, visa and residence permit: Make sure that visa and passport follow the rule of Cambodia.
- A work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor. This is comprised of a Work Card and a Workbook.
- A health certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor, Health Department. This means to prevent contagious diseases.
Finding work in Cambodia.
Finding work in Cambodia for foreigners are very easy. Foreigners who come to Cambodia and look for work are required to obtain a business visa. In Cambodia there are two kinds of work permits for foreigners. They are temporary work permit and permanent work permit.
However, the applications of temporary work permit and permanent work permit need to be sent to the Cambodia’s Ministry of Interior, basically for renewal once a year. They have to get approval from the ministry.

Work permit conditions
In Cambodia, working time is 8 hours a day, from 8AM to 5PM with one hour break, and from Monday to Friday, but some companies work from Monday to Saturday morning depends on the internal rules of each company.
Foreign workers also need to meet some conditions as the following:
Foreign workers have to pay a tax salary to the government.
Foreigners must carry the work permit all the time in case of inspection.
Work only in the occupation and for the employer specified in the Work Permit card.
When the foreign workers are terminated or resigns from work they must: cancel the work permit within seven days of termination of the workers.

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